Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rosanne Cash is Freaking Awesome

This is a great article by Rosanne Cash detailing why she should replace Sarah Palin as the Rebuplican VP nominee. Who knew she was so funny?

Friday, October 17, 2008

What Women Want

An observation: I will never understand men's reluctance to accompany their ladies (or women in general) to so-called 'chick' things. Honestly, these guys will never have the opportunity to be surrounded by females of whatever age as worked up as after these estrogen-fests. I'm not saying they need to come home with Beaches and ice cream, but when your lady shows some love for, oh let's say a book series (Twilight), a movie (Say Anything) or a crooner (Michael Bublé) listen! These characters, fictional or stage personas, are giving you a how-to of charm. Those silly lines we swoon over may not play out in the real world, but take away the sentiment/emotion associated with them. And I have never seen women more whipped into a frenzy than at a Bublé show. A well-timed wink at that show could have gotten anyone some play. There were grown women all but throwing their panties at that big ball of charming, sensitive man-candy. Honestly, there's not better word for what we want.

Charm: a power of pleasing or attracting, as through personality or beauty

Charm us! I'm not saying you have to compose a lullaby or hoist a boombox, but take advantage of our whims! We are putty, sadly, for even the smallest effort. My favorite bit of that Michael Bublé show was when he thanked the men in the audience for coming. "I know you didn't want to come sit through that 'gay Booble guy's' show, but trust me, fellas - I'll do my best to put the air in those bike tires so you can ride it all the way home."

He's such a cad!

Like I said, charm. And a dirty sense of humor. That's all we want. Although maybe that's just me. :)

And maybe I should raise those standards...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sex Hair

Because we all need to look at a pretty picture now and again. I just spent 10 minutes losing a staring contest to this.

Again, I never said I wasn't obsessed. Or 14.

And you're welcome.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

This guy sings puppies to sleep. Puppies! Falling asleep! Adorable.

Feeling a cold coming on?

Normally I can tell a cold is coming by waking up one day with a sore throat. Another sure tell? An absurd dream. Don't get me wrong. I can have dreams as bizarre and vivid as the next guy (ask my sisters). However, last night - or this morning rather - was a doozy! I will give you the bullet points of what I remember:

-I was on the set of The Colbert Report
-Watching a family of circus performers (one of whom was my friend)
-We were really waiting to see Rich Hardesty (I know)
-And he was going to sing, "Cool Guy With a Car"

For those of you who don't know, that song is by a guy named Wally Pleasant. Kim had a tape of his in college, and I was pretty sure it was the coolest thing ever at the time. Even now, that's my favorite song from the album. I even have it on my computer because a few years ago I found him online and got the CD for Kim. Ah, nostalgia. Although I haven't even thought about that lately, much less listened to it.

As for Rich Hardesty - he played a lot in Bloomington, but I don't think I even saw him play. Maybe once. But totally random. I mean, I'm pretty sure I thought he was a douche. He redeemed himself in my dream by planning on playing that song, I guess.

Something tells me I'm going to load up on Nyquil tonight. Oooo, that should give me some certifiable dreams. I'll let you know.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

That's right. A Trailer.

There's a countdown to a trailer.

And yes, I got it. Don't you judge me!

Update: And just like that, it switched to the movie countdown. Bless them.

Home, Sweet Home

It occurred to me last week that I've been in my own little apartment now for a whole month. I guess I didn't realize that much time had passed. I'm glad to have something to mark the passage because it doesn't feel like much has changed to me. Perhaps once I get a bed....

Kim & Pam will be coming up for a visit the end of this month. I've promised to have the bed by then. The weekend will include a trip to Ikea among other things. Pam has also requested a stop at Lush for some new bubble bars. I'm kind of worried that the combination of those two stores alone could cause her some sort of retail brain damage . Sensory overload, if nothing else.

Apart from that, I'm thinking a performance of Wicked would be really fun. The Chicago cast (if it's the same one I've already seen) is pretty outstanding. I'm all for any other suggestions for fun Chicago-y activities. Anything to make my family feel better about the city I've called home (with a brief, kind of hiatus) for the last five years.

I'm even making my very tasty quiche today as a trial run for later. New oven, new baking. Did I mention I finally got a cookie sheet? Woohoo!

Friday, October 3, 2008

How to 'win' a debate (by not imploding)

This is pretty great.

Thanks to Jonathan