Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cutest. Picture. Ever. Part 2

This is my niece, Bailey.    That's right.   She's that cute. 

Monday, January 28, 2008

Shut UP!

18 years (to the month) after my first concert,

3 days after I get the same haircut I had then,

it's announced the hardest working boys in show business are coming back.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!!!

Nora, Kristen we are SO going.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I got my her did.

So new hair and old hair. Apart from the blondeness & the ability to get along with my curls now, I'm pretty sure this is my haircut from 5th grade. I just need to bust out some big ole glasses. You know how sometimes you're just done with your hair? That was me last week. That second picture is just about the last time all of it was down out of some sort of holder. I just have a ton of hair. Summer took off about 5 inches. This is much better. It's just so damn perky. :) (And, yes, those are legos covering pretty much the entire bookshelf. We just haven't figured out how to fit the Millenium Falcon on it...yet)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Harry Potter v. Family Guy

I love them both. They're great. That said, now that I'm a faithful little mac girl, I have a bone to pick with the Harry Potter people. I bought Order of The Phoenix (because, well, I was always going to) and was tickled to see it included a digital copy of the movie to store on my computer. Woohoo! Now I can carry Harry around in my iPhone, right? Wrong. Silly me missed the little "Not compatible with Apple Macintosh or iPod devices." Come on. Family Guy, however, does not disappoint. Not only can you download the seasons from iTunes, Blue Harvest (Family Guy 'does' Star Wars) comes with a digital copy that is happily loading to my iPhone as we speak. One more reason I love Seth MacFarlane.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Come to SEE Eyewear. We leave your feet alone.

Skokie Eye Dr. Sued. Claims Assistant Licked her Toes.

#1. This is not my store or my doctor or me.

#2. We get a ton of her patients buying glasses from us (now I know why).
a. Maybe now we'll get some more.

#3. I will not be recruiting employees from any of her locations.

Just goes back to what I've always said about a doctor's staff being their first line of defense. Don't hire freaks. And, excuse me, but are people really so intimidated by a doctor's office that they would wait until their toes were touched "several times" before taking a little look-see? I'm pretty sure I would have involuntarily kicked him in the junk after the first time. Maybe she's just not ticklish.

(link courtesy of Kristen)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ABC, easy as 123

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Pushing Daisies? I don't think I have. Simply put, it is a pleasure to watch every week. (or it will be when we've had our share of American Gladiator weird sweatiness). The cast is great. It looks like a happy, bright little wonderland. They've already had some great guest stars (What theaters have you been hiding out in, Paul Reubens?) The lead couple is painfully adorable and the whole happy business is narrated by Jim Dale, whose voice I've fallen asleep to many times listening to various Harry Potter novels on flights to Vegas.

And another great thing? If you've ever tried to catch a recap on NBC of, say The Office, you know what a pain in the butt it can be. Well, ABC has got it down! If you need to catch up on a gazillion hours of Lost before it starts up again, you can watch the entire series so far streaming from the site. I don't even have to TiVo Desperate Housewives anymore. And and and, they're posting My So-Called Life for your viewing pleasure. How freaking great is that? (It's such a pleasure I actually watched an episode of Cavemen. If that's not a glowing review of their technology, I don't know what is. (Although the show itself is pretty much as bad as you thought it would be).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Does Kris want? I know Adam does.