Saturday, January 19, 2008

Come to SEE Eyewear. We leave your feet alone.

Skokie Eye Dr. Sued. Claims Assistant Licked her Toes.

#1. This is not my store or my doctor or me.

#2. We get a ton of her patients buying glasses from us (now I know why).
a. Maybe now we'll get some more.

#3. I will not be recruiting employees from any of her locations.

Just goes back to what I've always said about a doctor's staff being their first line of defense. Don't hire freaks. And, excuse me, but are people really so intimidated by a doctor's office that they would wait until their toes were touched "several times" before taking a little look-see? I'm pretty sure I would have involuntarily kicked him in the junk after the first time. Maybe she's just not ticklish.

(link courtesy of Kristen)

1 comment:

adam said...

okay...that's just plain nasty....and freakish.

sometimes things just don't look so bad on your side, huh?!