Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling a cold coming on?

Normally I can tell a cold is coming by waking up one day with a sore throat. Another sure tell? An absurd dream. Don't get me wrong. I can have dreams as bizarre and vivid as the next guy (ask my sisters). However, last night - or this morning rather - was a doozy! I will give you the bullet points of what I remember:

-I was on the set of The Colbert Report
-Watching a family of circus performers (one of whom was my friend)
-We were really waiting to see Rich Hardesty (I know)
-And he was going to sing, "Cool Guy With a Car"

For those of you who don't know, that song is by a guy named Wally Pleasant. Kim had a tape of his in college, and I was pretty sure it was the coolest thing ever at the time. Even now, that's my favorite song from the album. I even have it on my computer because a few years ago I found him online and got the CD for Kim. Ah, nostalgia. Although I haven't even thought about that lately, much less listened to it.

As for Rich Hardesty - he played a lot in Bloomington, but I don't think I even saw him play. Maybe once. But totally random. I mean, I'm pretty sure I thought he was a douche. He redeemed himself in my dream by planning on playing that song, I guess.

Something tells me I'm going to load up on Nyquil tonight. Oooo, that should give me some certifiable dreams. I'll let you know.


Justacogitating said...

You thought I was soooooo cool in college. Ha!!

Jenny said...

I was 10. I thought Vanilla Ice was cool. Actually, no I didn't.

shelmes said...

You saw Rich Hardesty - because one time Amy Six while wasted hoped on stage to sing with him at Sports. I'm sure you were there - in fact, I think you said... i always thought that guy was a douche... tonight he redeemed himself!

Jenny said...

Ha! You are so right! And that is why I have a Rich Hardesty CD somewhere. It was free.