Friday, October 17, 2008

What Women Want

An observation: I will never understand men's reluctance to accompany their ladies (or women in general) to so-called 'chick' things. Honestly, these guys will never have the opportunity to be surrounded by females of whatever age as worked up as after these estrogen-fests. I'm not saying they need to come home with Beaches and ice cream, but when your lady shows some love for, oh let's say a book series (Twilight), a movie (Say Anything) or a crooner (Michael Bublé) listen! These characters, fictional or stage personas, are giving you a how-to of charm. Those silly lines we swoon over may not play out in the real world, but take away the sentiment/emotion associated with them. And I have never seen women more whipped into a frenzy than at a Bublé show. A well-timed wink at that show could have gotten anyone some play. There were grown women all but throwing their panties at that big ball of charming, sensitive man-candy. Honestly, there's not better word for what we want.

Charm: a power of pleasing or attracting, as through personality or beauty

Charm us! I'm not saying you have to compose a lullaby or hoist a boombox, but take advantage of our whims! We are putty, sadly, for even the smallest effort. My favorite bit of that Michael Bublé show was when he thanked the men in the audience for coming. "I know you didn't want to come sit through that 'gay Booble guy's' show, but trust me, fellas - I'll do my best to put the air in those bike tires so you can ride it all the way home."

He's such a cad!

Like I said, charm. And a dirty sense of humor. That's all we want. Although maybe that's just me. :)

And maybe I should raise those standards...

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Justacogitating said...

Oh Jenny ... there you go trying to help those sonsabitches realize the errors of their ways.