Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

It occurred to me last week that I've been in my own little apartment now for a whole month. I guess I didn't realize that much time had passed. I'm glad to have something to mark the passage because it doesn't feel like much has changed to me. Perhaps once I get a bed....

Kim & Pam will be coming up for a visit the end of this month. I've promised to have the bed by then. The weekend will include a trip to Ikea among other things. Pam has also requested a stop at Lush for some new bubble bars. I'm kind of worried that the combination of those two stores alone could cause her some sort of retail brain damage . Sensory overload, if nothing else.

Apart from that, I'm thinking a performance of Wicked would be really fun. The Chicago cast (if it's the same one I've already seen) is pretty outstanding. I'm all for any other suggestions for fun Chicago-y activities. Anything to make my family feel better about the city I've called home (with a brief, kind of hiatus) for the last five years.

I'm even making my very tasty quiche today as a trial run for later. New oven, new baking. Did I mention I finally got a cookie sheet? Woohoo!

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