Sunday, August 17, 2008

Waiting again

I feel like I'm in a constant state of flux. I have a home technically, but it's hard to feel comfy when 90% of your belongings are in boxes (b/c my dresser is in Joyce's basement until I fetch it & it's BIG - so I'm not moving it more than I have to). I'm on an aerobed for now (Thank you, Michelle), but at least I've started cooking again, which is nice. I'm convinced that the smell of lasagna can make even a bench feel homey.

Dave should be getting the last of his things out of the apartment today. Yes, it's ridiculous that there are still things there, but he did pay his share of the rent for the last month (albeit grudgingly), and honestly, I couldn't care less about the objects there as long as he's not. Everything's much easier without coming home & looking to see if his car is there or not. I'm too tired to deal with his hostility - especially when it's completely unwarranted.

I'm working Mom & Kim to get some volunteers for moving the last week of this month. Hopefully I'll have most of the boxes in by then and just need help with the big things - dresser, tv...yeah, that's about it. Lesson learned: if you're having any misgivings about a relationship, DO NOT donate your furniture - especially your bed, because you are a dumbass if you do. A dumbass that sleeps on an aerobed.

All in all, everything is much better. We'll see if I still feel that way when I get home tonight. And by that I mean whether I'm going to have to fight for the All-Clad or not. I may be tired, but I love my pots. And I've been promised a flash-drive with my music/photos on it from the other computer. It may take a while to get that. Enough promises have been broken in the last month, but that's in the past now. Wow. That is too depressing to have as a last sentence in a post.

So how about this?

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Justacogitating said...

That is the CUTEST kitty ever!!! I completely forgot the morbid update preceding it.