Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It takes 2

It just occurred to me that in 2 weeks I will officially be in my new apartment. Granted, I'm going to start moving things next week, but as of Sept. 1 I'll be permanently out of this place. I'm trying to treat it like giving 2 weeks notice at a job. Spending time with the things I'll miss (e.g. space) and getting ready to move on. And thanks to the fall schedule not starting until well into September, I think I'm going to shut my cable off today. I knew there was a reason for me buying allllll those movies. Just to entertain myself. I'm working my way through season 2 of Buffy. And I'll be using tomorrow to sort Christmas ornaments, magic eraser some walls and label my boxes. I'm sure a trip or 2 to Ikea will find it's way in as well.

I just thought about that episode of Fat Actress (which, by the way is hysterical) where it is suggested to Kirstie Alley (by Wallace Shawn no less - 'inconceivable') that to make herself 'smaller' she surround herself by small things. Cut to Leah Remini entering to find Kirstie sitting in a circle with a group of little people. Basically, I'm wondering if I too will become more compact in a compact space. Hopefully that doesn't translate to shorter. I've got that covered.


Scott Helmes said...

Only 2 weeks! Wow, that is soon! I'm sure you'll love the little space you have - because at least it will be YOUR little space :)

Justacogitating said...

Short? Just take a look at our mother and remember to take calcium supplements. Ooh, then again, don't and perhaps I'll someday have the opportunity to be slightly taller than one of my sisters!