Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hellooooo September!

I am in!

I am sore and tired and cramped (as in surrounded by boxes that could totally band together & conquer me if they could think) and cool. Cool because after one night without it, my mommy bought me a window air conditioner. *sigh* It's glorious. And I found the coolest thing while 'installing' said conditioner: transparent duct tape!. It's still definitely got the cross-hatching, but much less noticeable than the token gray.

So many, many, many thanks again to Kim & Mom for being punishment gluttons for helping me this weekend. I would not recommend to anyone that they move Labor Day weekend (or any holiday weekend, really). Nothing makes the pain & sweat more vicious than driving the moving van (several times) past a beautiful beach packed with people enjoying the weekend. Especially if you have 47 sets of keys with you when you get to the new apartment with a loaded van, but, ah, none of those keys actually open the doors to the new building because you left those on the windowsill of the old apartment. If that happens, it's much more helpful to laugh. Which I did. Over and over. All weekend. Granted, I only fell once. And of course it (!) it was carrying the very last thing up the stairs. Every bruise will remind me of some crippling giggle fit. And I have many bruises. But I blame the guy at Budget for starting it.

What kind of moron starts drumming his fingers against a cardboard box in a tiny room full of irritated, sweaty people? The kind that sends one of my eyebrows shooting up and sends Kim into a fit of laughter that forces her to step outside. Those other people must have thought we were crazy. At least I'm sure they did when I started tearing up and snorted. Mom was very proud.

But it was a very fun weekend. You're all welcome at my swinging bachelorette pad. Did I mention it's only 30 yards from the beach? Too bad that was too far for any of us to walk this weekend. After 3 floors & oodles of boxes, it just wasn't as tempting as lying on the floor. Did I mention the air conditioning? Woo!


shelmes said...

Congrats! Definitely a relief I'm sure!

Justacogitating said...

I hurt.

g said...

congrats. i can't wait to see it!