Thursday, September 13, 2007


Or vacation-itis, I suppose. So far this week I've been enjoying the party in the back of my head that keeps chanting in an annoyingly sing-songy way, "Guess where I'll be on Monday! I don't care if you're a crabby poo face - I'm going to Vegas!!" Today it almost wasn't enough. I filled in at a different store today (in a neighborhood notorious for cranky, whiny, demanding and simply unpleasant people. A mother and her grown daughter who fit the bill stopped in about ten minutes before I closed, after spending about an hour in the store this past weekend. She was upset because the frame she just loooooved had been sold. Well, see here's the thing. If someone comes into my store and wants to give me money to buy something, I usually let them. Call me crazy. So her daughter starts in with the Seinfeld bit, "so you can take the reservation, but you can't hold the reservation." To which I reply, "If you choose to put money down, we'll be happy to hold it for as long as you like. You see, we do actually have to sell our product." Her response? Then you should have called me to see if I wanted them because I saw them first. If you really wanted them, you should have bought them when you saw them. But if we're going to sink to 3rd grade, then finders keepers, lady. People are so snarky and 'witty' when they know you are really limited in the responses you can make and remain employed.

Which makes me once again say: IF I ever become independently wealthy, I promise I will not quit working right away. I will wait for the most obnoxious, self-righteousy pompous blow hard to come in and I WILL get myself fired. It will be glorious to witness and I'll probably get a slanderous law suit out of it, but I will strike a blow for retail workers everywhere. I will be the Rosa Parks of retail!

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