Sunday, September 16, 2007

Alex Borstein, you're my hero

So we went to the 10pm show of Family Guy Live. If you get the opportunity, you must go. My face still hurts. They started with a 'greatest hit' montage playing to the Rocky Theme (Gonna Fly Now for the band geeks). Seth MacFarlane then introduced the rest of the cast - including Jon Benjamin who I love from Home Movies. He's joining as a convenience store owner who gives Chris a job. Everyone came out doing their signature character's voice. Alex Borstein (Chicago native) was rocking a Walter Peyton jersey and called Rex Grossman a retarded vagina. The night was off to a fantastic start. They read through the episode (with much improvisation) where Peter loses his fingers and we meet Brian's moronic girlfriend. Then a little song and dance (Peter & Lois Girffin singing an NC-17 rated version of You Don't Bring Me Flowers). It was gorgeous. Seeing Seth MacFarlane switching between Peter/Brian/Quagmire/ and of course Stewie was worth it alone. He also sang I Need a Jew. He was an amazing voice. Just outstanding. There was a lovely bit about the Gyllenhaals as well. We got treated to part of the Star Wars-themed season premiere, then a sad, pathetic question/answer period. People just ask stupid questions, but the whole night was great. I had a great time and Dave laughed as much as I did (even though it was way past his bedtime). If it is anywhere near you, go go go go go! You'll thank me, then we can make all kinds of inside jokes. (Shipoopi!)

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