Monday, September 24, 2007

It's a Girl!!

So my little baby brother is a daddy. Craziness!! I have a new giant niece. I say giant because Molly is an itty bitty thing and this baby was decidedly not. After a checkup on Friday, the doctor decided they were going to deliver her on Saturday. The ultrasound was clocking her at about 11 lbs 3 oz. You can see Molly's bubble belly from a month ago:

In the end, Bailey was 9 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long. In baby speak, I'm told that's a big'un. Then again, we all have giant heads so you'd think someone might have anticipated this. I mean really, look at the little Butterball in the picture with his big sis up there - and my lusterous hair. I'll be heading down to Bloomington early next week to visit (and make sure my supercool gift is getting some use). Look for lots and lots and lots of pictures then. It's my turn to be the doting aunt.

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Kris said...

Holy crap! And I thought Anthony was the fattest baby ever. Tony FOR THE WIN!

Tell him and Molly congrats from me and Rodd, and if you can send me their address, I'll send them some Tim Tams! :)