Monday, February 4, 2008

Why would TMZ lie?

So this is the picture from that has my little heart all a-twitter.  As I told Linda, if Donnie's down then it is ON!!!

But seriously, Joey was wearing that damn hat before I hit puberty.  Hopefully this one doesn't have the top cut out (it'll hide his grays).
And that cell phone picture is really blurry.  Don't get me wrong;  I would still have pushed old ladies out of my way to get it.  Just too bad he didn't have an iPhone.... ;)

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howdyamy said...

One of our friends in LA was good friends with Joey Mac, who, as we all know, is a Boston boy and a Pats fan (too bad, so sad!)

He would watch New England games at the Boston bar across the street from the Eagles bar we frequented. The first time I formally met him, the bar was kinda loud, and I was all, "What's your name?" Even though it was completely obvious I knew who he was, since I couldn't actually bring myself to make eye contact!

So. Classy.