Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank you

Thank you giant department stores in my mall. Thank you for deciding that it's unreasonable to expect a shopper to accomplish their goals in a measly 11 hour day - or even 12. Thank you for forcing us (the little tiny stores with a staff of four) to be open for business from 8am until 11pm this week. Do you know how many people buy glasses after 9pm? Or anything really. Seriously. The only people in the mall that late are little hoods whose parents dropped them off for us to babysit for a few hours while Mommy & Daddy enjoy grown up time. OMG! Snowball fights and screaming are the mostest fun EVER!! Retailers have done this to ourselves, unfortunately. It is now unacceptable to expect someone to wait until tomorrow for anything. Pharmacies are open 24 hours. Honestly, how many people have died in the last 20 years because they couldn't get Advil or Q-tips at 3 in the morning?? And more specifically in my store, I just want to tell some of our customers, "I'm sorry you waited to order your glasses until 3 days before you leave on your vacation that you planned weeks ago. Feel free to head over to LensCrafters and hand over your wallet to get the same frames everyone else has in about a day." (That's right, you better be willing to raise Cain or settle for something else to get them in 'about an hour.' They frown on that promotion now) So that's my little rant for the day. Thank you for listening. I really do enjoy my job most of the time. Is it obvious that I was the one closing the store tonight? ;)

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