Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A word on movie cameos:

I love them. Love.

I love the idea of (in)famous people knowing a good joke & not caring if they are that joke.

I saw The Rocker last week. Very entertaining, but probably a matinee. And the cameo? Pete freaking Best! Don't know who that is? Keep in mind the movie is about Rainn Wilson's drummer character who gets kicked out of his hair band just before they become huge. Pete Best was the original drummer for The Beatles, and is best know for being ousted for Ringo right before they exploded to be the biggest band in the world. He has one line in the movie. There's no, "Holy crap! Do you know who you are?" moment. Just a line. For fans like me to geek out over. Thank you for that.

Another great one? Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. It's a little, ok a LOT more over the top. But I've got to say, it kind of made me not be totally creeped out by him. So good for him.

Although my favorite (that I can think of right now) is Lance Armstrong in Dodgeball. Ben Stiller might like showing us which of his famous friends he can get to play along (see Travis's video for 'Closer'), but I like it! His conversation with Vince Vaughn makes that movie. And that's saying something. I mean, Chuck Norris plays himself! But my vote goes to Lance for his shaming of Peter La Fleur. Kudos.

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