Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Loooooong weekend

This past weekend I took a little trip - from Evanston to Louisville to Lexington to Dayton and back home again. 984.1 miles in all. Again, thank you Budget. I'll give you a little play by play (I'm in that kind of mood. I'm watching the cubs game). If you'd like to see the photos, here they are.

Friday: work as long as I can possibly stand, head to the airport to pick up Amy & the car, get a little SUV instead. Score!

Saturday: we leave my house at 5:40 in the AM, make it to our hotel in about 6 hours, get ready & head to the wedding, travel to reception, back to hotel bar to hang out with the girls & Sally & Mike

Sunday: breakfast at hotel, drop Amy & Kathy off at the airport, drive to Lexington, meet Linda & her friends at Keeneland, have the best f-ing tailgate food EVER thanks to MaryAnn, pick 3 (that's right 3!) winners in a row at the horse races, lose my voice completely, head to Linda's for the night, have a severe allergic reaction to Tipsy, take some Benedryl & go to bed with an ice pack on my oh-so-swollen eyes

Monday: head on home, drop the car off at O'Hare, take 2 trains & a bus home, collapse into a deep, deep sleep

Whew! Did I mention almost 1000 miles?? Good times

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