Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thank you, Budget!

So Karen Hooser's wedding is next month & I've decided that rather than leaving Dave without a car only to ride his bike to work in God-knows-what-kind of weather, I'm going to rent a car. Here's my reasoning:

1. Not putting the miles on my car (Evanston-Louisville-Dayton-Evanston)
2. I'll be getting an automatic so Amy can drive if I'm tired or otherwise impaired. :)
3. No Hannah hair flying around from my backseat while the windows are down - I have yet to meet the vacuum that is a match for that dog's hair!

But the mostest awesomest thing about renting that weekend? Budget is having a sale. Not just a measly 20% off. I'm getting a big girl car for 4 days for $50 bucks! How great is that? Just one more nail in the coffin for U-Haul as far as I'm concerned (hate hate hate). Time for a girly roadtrip! Anyone taking the over/under on the number of truckers flashed?

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